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Argosaronic Islands

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Poros Island

Poros is the little Venice of the Argosaronic Island. Built amphitheatrically with a panoramic view, it combines tranquility with fun. The 3rd largest green island of Greece. Pine trees hug the blue seas. The white houses with blooming bougainvillea, the island alleys, the sights and the water sports are some of the elements of the island that will enchant you.

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Aegina Island

Aegina is a breath away from Athens and provides you with a wealth of activities. It is a religious destination with an archaeological history, beaches for all tastes and local food. One of its most famous villages is Perdika, famous for its fish taverns. Opposite it you will meet the Moni, a small island with turquoise waters where deer, peacocks and wild goats live freely.

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Hydra Island

A vacation in Hydra is a trip back in time to another era, where the only means of transportation are donkeys and water taxis. Ideal choice for vacations on the boat knowing the beauties of both the island and its seabed. Mansion houses, blue waters, traditional taverns await you to enjoy your summer holidays.

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Agkistri Island

Agkistri is located west of Aegina. Favourite destination for short getaways. Holidays in Agkistri are ideal for swimming in crystal clear waters, nature walks, diving and horse riding. One of the most famous beaches is Aponisos with crystal clear waters that will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean.

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Spetses Island

One of the most cosmopolitan and historical islands of the Argosaronic. Neoclassical architecture, with beautiful beaches and intense nightlife. Vehicles are only allowed to permanent residents with a permit, so taking a carriage ride will take you around the beautiful harbor. For those who love the sea, anchoring the boat you will discover the cave of Bekiris and the blue waters of the well-known beaches at your comfort.

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Porto Heli Island

Located opposite Spetses. Cosmopolitan with an island vibe, blue-green beaches that you can reach either by road or by boat. The area is famous for its fresh fish, picturesque villages and nightlife. To try the nicest shrimps, visit the village of Koilada, just a few minutes away from Porto Heli. They are fished at a depth of 300 meters and are characterized by their bright red colour.